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Attic Fan Installation

A ventilated attic is a problem free attic!

Cut humidity down by allowing your attic to breath.

Why we recommend installing an attic fan in your attic. It seems like a rather bizarre thing to do, doesn’t it? You insulate your attic only to let cold air in. But it’s all done with a purpose of achieving a fully functioning energy efficient home. If you have good ventilation through your attic come winter it will stop snow melting from the attic being too warm and refreezing. This can damage your gutters and roof which will be costly to fix later on. It also allows for cooler flow of air in the summer to stop the buildup of heat making your home unbearably to hot.

How the attic fan works.

It’s a very simple process that really makes the difference and it’s achieved by drawing in cool air and circulating it through the attic and out of vents to keep a consistent air flow. Any trapped hot air will be dispelled through the vents so this will cut humidity down which can cause mold issues and the attic will be kept dry. The whole focus is by cooling the attic in the summer you use less air conditioning to cool the house because you don’t need it as much.

What our attic fan installers do.

First thing our team likes to do is inspect to see if your attic vents are sufficient, they will go around the perimeter of the attic to make sure no fiberglass is blocking them and to also look for any mold issues that might be occurring. The insulation must also be checked to make sure it’s not covering any recessed light fixtures. The attic fan will be installed where it seems best appropriate. There are different attic fans on the market and they all cost various price points. Our Attic fan installer will talk to you about the cost of each product and which one they recommend is best for your attic. Once chosen they will set about the task of installing it and connecting it all up for you.

It makes sense to have an attic fan installed and our attic fan sales team can talk to you more about the benefits. Not only will it cool your attic but it will also improve the life of your shingles on the roof by keeping the roof cooler. Call today and our resident expert will bring you out some leaflets and do a full inspection for you to see how we can help make your home more energy efficient.


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    Gina Holmes – Los Angeles, CA

    UAC Energy Efficiency installed my Solar Panel system and it’s been savings ever since. I was paying a fortune in air conditioning in the summer and the cost of heating my pool was also a drain. Since installing solar technology I have a seen a massive difference in savings and this will soon pay for itself. If you are shopping for a solar installation company I more than recommend giving UAC Energy Efficiency a call.

  • 02

    Ted Winter – Boston, MA

    Having bought a new home I was having some remodeling work done. When the contractor pulled back the drywall I noticed the installation in the walls was like old news paper. My house is very old and my contractor told me if this room is like this probably all of them are the same way, that’s why it feels so cold. I called UAC Energy Efficiency and they came and gave me a full free assessment to see what I needed to do to make the place warmer. After coming up with a solution of adding blown in insulation and working with my contractor they did a fantastic job of sealing my whole house with new insulation.

  • 03

    Tim Cook – Miami, FL

    I live in a very hot and humid place so my home can feel like a sauna in the summer and I always have to have the A/C running. After my bedroom still felt very hot with the A/C on I decided to call UAC Energy Efficiency to see if they could lend a solution. They looked in my attic and saw I had the wrong type of insulation, the R-Value was off and it was too thick. They replaced that and installed a radiant barrier and an attic fan. My room feels so much cooler now and I can even drop the A/C setting down to save money. Worth the investment to sleep better.