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Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose Insulation, the green answer to warming a home

Cellulose insulation is smart insulation solution.

The amazing thing about Cellulose insulation is that it has remarkable qualities to it that allow for not only easy insulation but amazing thermal performance. This insulation is considered slightly more expensive then fiberglass insulation but it does have its advantages that we think merit the slight extra cost.

Cellulose insulation advantages

The product is made from recycled paper which is not only fantastic for the environment it is actually a great solution to warming ones home. Normally it’s made up from about 85% recycled paper, that’s about the standard and it has amazing flame retardant qualities. Being treated with flame retardant material means it’s another barrier between your homes walls and ceilings to stop the quick spread of fire if such an event breaks out. Cellulose Insulation is designed to come in a few forms.

Dry Cellulose Insulation - which would be considered loose fill, is often used by our team on homes that are considered slightly older. Small holes are normally drilled from the outside of your home or in the tops of your walls and the insulation is blown in to the cavity. Our experienced installer is an expert at doing this to steer away from any air gaps and to make sure the insulation fills the cavity completely.

Spray Cellulose Insulation – When we think about spray insulation it’s considered wet-spray. This is normally applied to new construction before any drywall is installed to the studding. Cellulose insulation is mixed with water and sprayed in to the cavities of studding. It lends for a much tighter seal and will stop any potential air pockets that can sometimes be missed. Before any drywall is put back we like to make sure the insulation is dry so it needs to be left for just over 24 hours and checked before any sealing up is done.

Low Dust Cellulose Insulation – We use low dust cellulose for people who might be prone to irritation with paper dust. Seeing as Cellulose insulation is primarily made up from recycled paper it can be an issue if you are slightly sensitive to this type of dust. Using this application method can help with eliminating some of that dust.

Stabilized Cellulose Insulation – If you are concerned about any sagging then this type of cellulose insulation is best to be used. Because cellulose can become dense and heavy some people fear in older homes it might cause sagging. We inspect and check to see what will be best suited for you and if we recommend this application it will reduce the weight of the cellulose whilst still providing that same level of warmth.

For more information about Cellulose Insulation, we recommend calling us and setting up an appointment with one of our knowledgeable experts who can talk you through the process.


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  • 01

    Gina Holmes – Los Angeles, CA

    UAC Energy Efficiency installed my Solar Panel system and it’s been savings ever since. I was paying a fortune in air conditioning in the summer and the cost of heating my pool was also a drain. Since installing solar technology I have a seen a massive difference in savings and this will soon pay for itself. If you are shopping for a solar installation company I more than recommend giving UAC Energy Efficiency a call.

  • 02

    Ted Winter – Boston, MA

    Having bought a new home I was having some remodeling work done. When the contractor pulled back the drywall I noticed the installation in the walls was like old news paper. My house is very old and my contractor told me if this room is like this probably all of them are the same way, that’s why it feels so cold. I called UAC Energy Efficiency and they came and gave me a full free assessment to see what I needed to do to make the place warmer. After coming up with a solution of adding blown in insulation and working with my contractor they did a fantastic job of sealing my whole house with new insulation.

  • 03

    Tim Cook – Miami, FL

    I live in a very hot and humid place so my home can feel like a sauna in the summer and I always have to have the A/C running. After my bedroom still felt very hot with the A/C on I decided to call UAC Energy Efficiency to see if they could lend a solution. They looked in my attic and saw I had the wrong type of insulation, the R-Value was off and it was too thick. They replaced that and installed a radiant barrier and an attic fan. My room feels so much cooler now and I can even drop the A/C setting down to save money. Worth the investment to sleep better.