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Duct and Vent Repair and installation

Clean air is essential in any home.

Maintenance can prevent allergies when it comes to duct and vent repair.

Sometimes the one thing we can overlook in our home is one of the most important things and that being the ducting that brings in the air we breathe. We spend a good amount of time in our homes and businesses and if you think about it we spend a good 8 hours a night sleeping breathing in whatever oxygen is getting pumped out of our vents in to our bedrooms. If you have been coughing and spluttering lately it could be an indication your air quality is not that great. And sometimes it’s a very simple solution that can help fix this issue.

Vent Maintenance

One simple task you can perform to see how your vents are performing is put the system on and walk around the home and put your hand up near each vent if you can safely to see if you feel a draft coming through. Some rooms you might notice a stronger air flow than others and you might find some vents not even working at all. If this is the case it might be time to have your vents checked to see if you have any blockages or maybe the filters might need changing. It’s a pretty easy process for a professional and they will have the knowledge to identify the issue and amend it for you.

Duct replacement

Ducts can easily become damaged and while it can cause issues with a loss of air flow in to your home it can also pose a possible danger. We not long ago visited a home that had a great deal of asbestos and dust in the attic. Normally this is not a problem if it’s been left undisturbed and the owner has not been up there buy this particular person also had a rodent problem in the attic which meant the asbestos had been stirred up and vents had become loose and unsealed. For the longest time asbestos dust had been finding its way in to the ventilation system and once the system was in use it was getting blown through the vents. Luckily the home was a holiday house so the owner was not there much but had this person and his family been living in this home full time it might have caused some serious health issues further on down the line. This goes to show the importance of having an inspection from time to time to make sure your vents are free of this kind of scenario. It does not hurt and if you have never had them inspected at all well we suggest you get it down for peace of mind and to make sure everything is ok.

Call us here at UAC Energy Efficiency and we will send our duct replacement team out to inspect and fix any ducting issues you might have. We look forward to taking your call.


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  • 01

    Gina Holmes – Los Angeles, CA

    UAC Energy Efficiency installed my Solar Panel system and it’s been savings ever since. I was paying a fortune in air conditioning in the summer and the cost of heating my pool was also a drain. Since installing solar technology I have a seen a massive difference in savings and this will soon pay for itself. If you are shopping for a solar installation company I more than recommend giving UAC Energy Efficiency a call.

  • 02

    Ted Winter – Boston, MA

    Having bought a new home I was having some remodeling work done. When the contractor pulled back the drywall I noticed the installation in the walls was like old news paper. My house is very old and my contractor told me if this room is like this probably all of them are the same way, that’s why it feels so cold. I called UAC Energy Efficiency and they came and gave me a full free assessment to see what I needed to do to make the place warmer. After coming up with a solution of adding blown in insulation and working with my contractor they did a fantastic job of sealing my whole house with new insulation.

  • 03

    Tim Cook – Miami, FL

    I live in a very hot and humid place so my home can feel like a sauna in the summer and I always have to have the A/C running. After my bedroom still felt very hot with the A/C on I decided to call UAC Energy Efficiency to see if they could lend a solution. They looked in my attic and saw I had the wrong type of insulation, the R-Value was off and it was too thick. They replaced that and installed a radiant barrier and an attic fan. My room feels so much cooler now and I can even drop the A/C setting down to save money. Worth the investment to sleep better.