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Radiant Barrier Installation

Let’s cut the temperature in your house in half during the summer.

Let your house work for you by reflecting that sun.

The main point of installing a radiant barrier is to bring the temperature down in your home. In the summer your home can get very hot and when this happens it means you have to get the air conditioning system cranked up to circulate cool air. By installing a radiant barrier you are deflecting the sun’s rays off your roof and effectively stopping your home becoming an oven. NASA has even used this technology and they helped found it, this technology has been applied to homes so you can benefit from this.

Is it hard to install?

Absolutely not! Our team of radiant barrier installers are fully trained in making sure your attic is covered. The team measures up your attic and supplies the correct amount of radiant barrier material that’s needed. The installation depending on the size of your attic should not take longer than a few days.

How old is this technology?

Radiant reflective thermal technology has been around since the 1970s. If ever you have seen a running race and at the end of the race the marshals hand out silver blankets. This is what it is, a thermal reflective blanket. It’s bouncing the heat back off yourself against the radiant blanket and back on to you to keep you warm. It’s been used in space exploration for some time now as well as window treatments.

Cooling strategies

The sun generates radiant solar energy which effectively heats your roof to the point where that heat is transferred to your attic warming your ceiling. By adding the radiant barrier to stop this heat entering the attic it bounces back the heat to keep the area cool. With adding a radiant barrier you can save up to $150 in hotter climates and reduce the need of your energy consumption.

How do I go about getting a Radiant barrier?

You can have a radiant barrier installed anytime and the sooner the better. Get in contact with UAC Energy Efficiency and they will help you with sorting out the installation and making sure you are getting a complete run down on how this technology works and how it will help you. A free radiant barrier quote is what we offer and you will be amazed at the savings you will see.


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  • 01

    Gina Holmes – Los Angeles, CA

    UAC Energy Efficiency installed my Solar Panel system and it’s been savings ever since. I was paying a fortune in air conditioning in the summer and the cost of heating my pool was also a drain. Since installing solar technology I have a seen a massive difference in savings and this will soon pay for itself. If you are shopping for a solar installation company I more than recommend giving UAC Energy Efficiency a call.

  • 02

    Ted Winter – Boston, MA

    Having bought a new home I was having some remodeling work done. When the contractor pulled back the drywall I noticed the installation in the walls was like old news paper. My house is very old and my contractor told me if this room is like this probably all of them are the same way, that’s why it feels so cold. I called UAC Energy Efficiency and they came and gave me a full free assessment to see what I needed to do to make the place warmer. After coming up with a solution of adding blown in insulation and working with my contractor they did a fantastic job of sealing my whole house with new insulation.

  • 03

    Tim Cook – Miami, FL

    I live in a very hot and humid place so my home can feel like a sauna in the summer and I always have to have the A/C running. After my bedroom still felt very hot with the A/C on I decided to call UAC Energy Efficiency to see if they could lend a solution. They looked in my attic and saw I had the wrong type of insulation, the R-Value was off and it was too thick. They replaced that and installed a radiant barrier and an attic fan. My room feels so much cooler now and I can even drop the A/C setting down to save money. Worth the investment to sleep better.